Brand Purpose & Messaging

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Discover your authentic human brand with a clear and compelling brand purpose that drives and inspires your messaging.

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Purpose & Messaging

Brand purpose drives brand messaging.

Our brand purpose development services are designed to help businesses discover and articulate a clear, compelling, and authentic brand purpose that aligns with their business goals and values and resonates with their target audience. Through a structured and collaborative process, we work with you to understand your brand's unique value proposition and tone of voice and develop brand messaging that is authentic, engaging, and effective.




What is brand purpose?

It is a statement that defines the company's values, beliefs, and the impact it aims to have on society and the world. It is the reason a company exists beyond just turning a profit. It is also known as corporate purpose or corporate social responsibility. It is the way a company aligns its business strategy with its values and beliefs.

What is brand messaging?

Core messaging sets out to answer questions like, What is our brand's essence? Why do we want to be remembered? How can we communicate our purpose in a compelling and human manner? It helps create consistency in tone across platforms and acts as a skeleton for any other content your brand releases to the world.

Messaging Development

Brand Archetype

At the core level, there are 12 basic Brand Archetypes in which every brand can be classified. By establishing your brand’s Archetype, we can better develop an appropriate messaging strategy that is true to your company’s goals and resonates with your audience.

Messaging Strategy

What does your company truly value? What does your brand’s Archetype seek to accomplish in their brand messaging? What elements does your brand rely on to convey these values and goals to its customers?

Brand Personality

Is your brand empathetic and supportive? Is it bold and fearless? Brand personality helps to humanize your brand and generate a sense of trust among your customers. Think to yourself, If my brand was a person, what would they be like? What do they look like and wear? Is their vocabulary casual and humorous, or professional and to-the-point?

Brand Voice

Based on the insights gathered from the previous elements, we work to curate a brand-specific vocabulary and develop the “speaking voice” of your brand. When customers read your messaging materials, how do you want your voice to translate in their minds?