First impressions matter. We ensure you make a great one.

Your brand isn’t a logo, typeface, or color palette. It’s the most powerful promise you make to the consumer about who you are and how you can make their life better. We take great care in crafting identities that are compelling, authentic, and contagious.

We are on a mission to brand the world

Woman featured against a blue background beside the text "We unite talent & tech," representing the Catapult Solutions Group's brand.
Three water bottles with hand-written style inscriptions, in blue, orange, and dark blue, featuring the text "UTA 2030" against a white background.Perch logo is shown taking a prominent spot on each colored background.

How we reliably make brands that matter.


Conversation that creates.

Before selecting color palettes or designing logos, our brand strategists conduct comprehensive workshops with your team to fully understand your identity, audience, values, and goals.


Preparing for action.

After our brand strategy workshops, we digest all we've learned to develop your brand’s messaging, tone, and essence. This integration forms a complete and actionable brand strategy plan.


Looks do matter.

Guided by this brand strategy plan, we collaborate with our design team to select colors, textures, typefaces, and imagery that align with your brand goals, creating a visually stunning and strategically crafted brand identity.


A brand-new brand.

Great copy and design require effective implementation. Our experts will use the work completed to guide your team on the best ways to leverage your new brand across platforms like packaging, print ads, and social media.

A collection of Perch brand collateral, including business cards and promotional materials, featuring the company logo and contact information.

Comprehensive brand-building capabilities.

Brand Strategy Workshops

Discussions that drive action.

The Uptown Agency working with a client in scottsdale arizona to put together brand strategy workshops
The uptown agency team, made up of three women and one man in this photo, work together to participate in brand strategy
A group of people in a conference room listening to a male speaker as he talks about brand strategy workshops
Brand Strategy Plans

Preparing your brand for maximum impact.

CBRE visual brand identity guidelines
Flying Pig brand colorful and playful brand stylescape mood board
Naming & Taglines

Forget employee contests and Scrabble shenanigans

Trulu brand guidelines business card design mockup
Tote bag and t-shirt mockup images featuring the Flying Pig logo and brand colors
Brand Copywriting

Spinning up copy that cuts through the clutter.

Food Fresh website homepage
Catapult Solutions Group brand guidelines grid displaying brand imagery and taglines
Logo Design

Brand symbols that speak volumes.

Trulu brand guidelines logo options on yellow and white background
Catapult solutions group logo that has a rainbow gradient in a big C
Perch logo is shown taking a prominent spot on each colored background.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of branding services can vary greatly depending on the company's size and the project's scope. Some agencies charge hourly rates, while others charge a flat fee or a retainer. On average, branding agencies charge between $25,000 and $150,000 for their services.

A number of factors can play into selecting a branding agency for your company. Some of the most common elements to consider are the agency’s experience and expertise, reviews from previous and current clients, and pricing models. It can also be helpful to take into account the agency’s communication and collaboration styles, the industries they serve most often, etc.

It’s a common misconception that a brand is essentially a cool logo and a color palette. This could not be further from the truth. Working with a branding agency allows you and your team to collaborate with a group of professionals who specialize in creating authentic messaging that aligns with your customers and your brand values. The messaging that is created by a branding agency acts as a foundation for all other marketing and branding efforts that are put forth by your company. By working with a branding agency, you’re making an investment not just in the current state of your business, but its future success as well.

Even pre-existing companies that already have a customer base should invest in developing a brand identity. Developing a brand identity helps your company connect with your audience and move beyond a basic transactional relationship with them. Brands don’t just bring customers in; they keep them coming back time and time again.   

Logos are a representative element of an overarching brand but not a brand in and of themselves. A brand is the perception an audience has about a company, its services, and/or its products. They are collections of messaging pieces, values, symbols, imagery, and other elements that can be used to communicate with a target audience. Logos are just a piece of the greater brand picture.

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