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There have never been more marketing channels or opportunities for people to engage with hyper-niche content. Our difference is found in our ability to identify high-conversion marketing opportunities and seize them with innovative strategies.

We reinvigorate your


Tell us what you need.

First, we sit down with you and your team to learn more about what your company needs and where you want to improve your marketing efforts.


Plan for success.

From Google ads and organic search traffic to social media content and management, our team is expertly equipped to develop and execute a results-driven marketing strategy.


Eye-catching assets.

Once a strategy is in place, our team of copywriters, SEO experts, and designers will create assets to engage and convert your target audience into loyal customers. From social media content to optimized digital ad copy, we've got you covered.


Results that matter.

Our team is well-versed in a number of analytics platforms to help us keep track of clicks, scrolls, submissions, and any other way you measure success.


Press onward.

We’ll keep the momentum going with routine maintenance and upkeep of any and all marketing efforts, being sure to keep track of what’s working and what’s really working.

Everything you need to outpace your opposition.

Digital Advertising

Ads for the online generation.

Sign-up page mockup for Alto mobile app
Irving Marathon event calendar featuring images of runners and a QR code at the bottom of the calendar
Traditional Advertising

Capture their attention, whether its on the TV screen or their morning commute.

A hand holding a "UTA 2030" brochure with images of students and campus life.
Evening view of the Toyota Music Factory with illuminated signs, bustling with people and activity.
Social Media

Content they'll want to double-tap.

woman taking a selfie at Reunion Tower in front of a window decal that reads "Dallas Texas, Y'all!"

Search engine results that drive conversion.

Marketing employee working on laptop and holding pencil at desk
Alto card advertising with QR code
Email Automation

Effortlessly keep in touch with your growing customer list.

Alto rideshare car sits in the street while woman books a car ride on her computer
Stickers with the UTA logo and "2030" branding in blue and orange, with phrases like "Shared Dreams, Bright Future," and "People & Culture".

We know a lot.

Tote bag and t-shirt mockup images featuring the Flying Pig logo and brand colors
Golf Ranch brand guideline slide, man swinging golf club with text reading "the greatest game as a chill side."Catapult Solutions Group brand strategy launch party
Alto shoot for the Gray Malin Llama car at a Llama farm!

Frequently Asked Questions

The Uptown Agency specializes in a number of marketing types and channels including: social media marketing, B2C, B2B, inbound and outbound marketing, content marketing, search engine marketing, email marketing, and more.

Marketing agencies do so much more than schedule social media posts and track Google Analytics. Working with a marketing agency can help you dig deeper into your audience and decide which marketing techniques are the most likely to not only reach your target audience, but compel them to take action and interact with your brand. Marketing services can include a wide variety of services, including: social media marketing, Google ad creation and tracking, email marketing, ad campaign management, designing and distributing marketing collateral, and more. Working with a marketing agency can help ensure that your message is getting in front of the right people and not getting lost in the shuffle.

Part of what differentiates The Uptown Agency from other marketing agencies is our large-scale capabilities paired with a more personal client-agency relationship. Working with a smaller team like ours can offer a blend of more personalized and attentive service, more creativity, and more flexibility, all of which can be harder to find in larger agencies. In addition, our clients work directly with our senior team members and decision-makers on a regular basis, allowing for a more attentive and specialized customer experience.

While the definition of success can vary between projects and their differing goals, some of the most common measures of success we look for are:

  • A decrease in cost per conversion
  • Heightened conversion rates
  • Increased website traffic
  • Digital ad impressions
  • Click-through rates
  • Cost per click

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