2024 Social Media Trends: Looking to the New Year

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Nov 9 2023

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As social media continues to evolve at a rapid rate, marketers are encouraged more than ever to stay on top of social market trends and engage with their audiences using the power of technology. Social media platforms have allowed brands to engage with their audiences in ways that have never been done before. As 2024 sits on the horizon, new social media marketing trends are beginning to emerge and affect consumer engagement. Keep reading the following to learn more about some of the most important social media trends in 2024.

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Video Content Dominance


When YouTube went live in 2005, it completely changed the game for how people consume video content. Since then, the phenomenon of creating and sharing video content online has only grown more powerful. Platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels have popularized short-form content, giving brands a unique opportunity to connect with consumers in a more engaging manner. In 2024, marketers and brands should focus on informative, engaging, and high-quality video content.


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Influencer Marketing Evolution

Though it has changed quite a bit since its inception in the early 2010s, social media influencer marketing still stands at the forefront of social media strategies for countless brands. As marketers move into 2024, they’ll begin employing the help of micro and nano-influencers, or influencers with smaller followings than a typical macro-influencer. 

While these influencers may have smaller audiences, they tend to be highly niche groups of individuals, opening the door to consumer groups that may have been overlooked in previous efforts. Not only this, but influencers with smaller followings tend to come across as more genuine in their content efforts, leading to more customer trust and conversion.

Personalized Experiences through AI

Researchers have made leaps and bounds in the field of Artificial Intelligence over the past number of years. This remarkable technology will come more into play in 2024 as a marketing tool for brands looking to create more personalized experiences for their customers. AI can be utilized to create content, messages, and ads for individual users based on their preferences and online interactions. This personalized messaging can act as a solid foundation for building long-lasting customer relationships.

Rise of Augmented Reality (AR)


Augmented reality (AR) is set to be a crucial tool for creating immersive marketing experiences in the upcoming year. Many organizations have already hopped on the trend, with social platforms like Instagram and Snapchat offering AR filters and effects to their users. Expect brands to leverage AR to create experiences like virtual try-ons, product launch showcases, and more. 

Social Commerce Expansion

Online shopping just got a whole lot easier (if that’s even possible.) E-commerce integration with social media platforms is expected to continue growing in 2024. Customers can now browse products recommended by their favorite influencers and purchase them directly from social platforms, simplifying the shopping experience. This is excellent news for online shops and boutiques, which now can create shoppable content and promote it directly to their audience. 

Social Messaging Apps as Marketing Channels

We can also expect social messaging apps to be leveraged for their marketing potential in the upcoming year. WhatsApp and Messenger aren’t just for sharing memes anymore; they’re for delivering highly personalized messaging, advertisements, and even customer service management. This one-on-one customer engagement can potentially enhance brand reputation and build brand loyalty.

User-Generated Content Amplification


User-generated content will be amplified for authenticity and trust-building in 2024. Brands will encourage the creation and sharing of content related to customer experiences with products and services. Not only does this increase engagement from consumers, but it also helps brands build communities from their devoted audiences.

Sustainability and Social Responsibility

Consumers are only growing more aware of social and environmental issues and want the brands they use to reflect this concern. As we move into 2024, brands will continue driving efforts to incorporate sustainability and socially responsible elements into their content and marketing strategies. Marketers will continuously establish themselves as purpose-driven brands by engaging in social cause conversations and exhibiting ethical business practices.

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Live Streaming and Interactive Experiences


2024 will also see the continued popularity of live streaming on platforms like Instagram Live, Facebook Live, and YouTube Live. These real-time digital interactions enable brands to engage with their audience in a more conversational way. These live streams allow for things like live Q&A sessions and customer feedback, giving consumers a more immediate interaction with their favorite brands.

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Social Media Listening and Sentiment Analysis

Brands also have the opportunity to improve customer experience by employing social media listening tools to conduct sentiment analysis. These tools give marketers a front-row view of customer opinions and needs, paving the way for personalized marketing efforts and brand improvement based on feedback.


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Data Privacy and Trust

Despite marketing efforts becoming more personalized, it raises concerns about consumer data privacy and brand trust. Consumers are demanding transparency from brands more than ever before, and marketers must consider this when trying to build trust with their audience. Placing an emphasis on secure data storage, comprehensive privacy policies, and user permissions are just a few ways marketers can keep transparency at the forefront of their operations.


As marketers look forward to 2024, it’s crucial that they remain updated on evolving social media marketing trends. In the new year, we’ll see video content, influencers, AI and AR, social commerce, and data privacy all play a prominent role in how brands connect to their audience and build long-lasting consumer relationships. These practices, along with several others, will be brought together to revolutionize brand growth in 2024.