Case Study: Harwood District

Shacoria Wilson

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Shacoria Wilson

Shacoria Wilson is a Marketing Assistant at The Uptown Agency. She likes coffee, writing, and all things pink.

Jan 23 2018


HARWOOD currently showcases more than two million square feet of premier-class AA office, residential, and retail space set within a park-like campus with gardens and art-filled lobbies. Our job was to showcase this incredible neighborhood in a video geared toward office users.

What we did.


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“We trusted RBA (acquired by The Uptown Agency in 2024) to produce a video that would sum up the grand vision of HARWOOD District, and they delivered exceptionally.”

- Lydia Boyce, Marketing Manager


There’s so much to do in the HARWOOD District. Bars, restaurants, parks, volleyball, food trucks—this area has it all. To showcase what it would be like for someone to relocate their office to one of the fastest-growing urban districts in the United States, we created a “day in the life” two-part commercial. The first part was built modularly so that it could be regularly updated with current office availability, and the second part displayed the true live, work, and play environment that HARWOOD offers its clients.




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