Case Study: Jack Winery

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May 24 2024

Scenic photo of vineyards at Jack Winery

Jack Winery is an ultra-premium wine brand based in Napa, California that was founded by former Major League teammates Chris Iannetta and Vernon Wells in 2012. The company was established based on a friendship and passion for wine that was developed between Vernon and Chris while they were playing baseball and both on the disabled list.

Jack Wine needed its digital face to match the ultra-premium reputation of the label. Our main goal for the project was to create a visually-stunning website that reflected the high quality of the brand and allowed users to easily and quickly make purchases. We did this through a top-notch UX design and content that speaks to the brand’s ethos of friends and family making great memories over great wines.

Website mockups for a winery shown on desktop, laptop, ipad, and mobile

What we did


Web Design

Web Development


Graphic Design

Woman visiting the Jack Wine website homepageJack Wine mobile sale mockup

“RBA (recently acquired by The Uptown Agency) has been an integral partner in helping elevate the JACK brand. From photo shoots to designing and building our new website to our brand video, we couldn’t be more confident and excited about [them] as our marketing partner.”

- Brandon Davis, Managing Partner

Jack Winery grape vines

Friends and family. We’ll drink to that.

Designing and building a website is one thing. Creating a wholistic content strategy around converting website visits into sales is an entirely different animal. RBA (recently acquired by The Uptown Agency) was tasked with creating a website that would increase conversion percentages, while populating it with meaningful content showing off the extreme craft and quality that goes into a bottle of JACK. But a big reason we’ve been successful on the JACK brand is the close collaboration with the client—everyone putting everything on the table and letting the best ideas win. This has resulted in a 34% increase in online sales year-over-year since the site launched. We’ll drink to that.

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