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Case Study: Kailee Mills Foundation

May 8 2019

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The Kailee Mills Foundation was formed after a Texas teen tragically lost her life in a car accident while not wearing her seat belt. Choosing to honor their daughter by focusing their energy on something positive, her parents decided to share their daughter’s story and raise awareness about the importance of seatbelt use. The Kailee Mills Foundation informs the public on the importance of seat belt use while encouraging and inspiring communities to protect themselves and their passengers by always wearing their seat belts.


The Kailee Mills Foundation wanted to host an event that would shine a light of positivity and encouragement amongst the grief of a tragic incident. The #BuckleUp4Kailee 5k was created to promote awareness and increase donor contribution to the foundation while also paying tribute to Kailee’s life.

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RBA (acquired by The Uptown Agency in 2024) delivered an omnichannel strategic social advertising campaign leading up to the #BuckleUp4Kailee 5k that targeted runners, donors, and the overarching Houston community. We did this by creating specific micro-target audiences tailored to each post and ad type. By utilizing video content provided by the Kailee Mills Foundation, we were able to create short clips to place on social media that were attention-getting and engaging to viewers.


What we did.

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Over the course of only two short months of advertising, we saw a 57% increase in social media followers, over 8,100 total website visits, and a 900% increase in ticket sales to the event. Our priority was to not only generate awareness of the message that seatbelts save lives but to maintain positive ROI for the Kailee Mills Foundation to continue spreading its message. In this campaign, we achieved 450% ROI for the client.




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