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Shacoria Wilson

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Shacoria Wilson

May 14 2019

Case Study: Vent-a-Hood Socials

Over the last 84 years, Vent-A-Hood has successfully established itself as the first name in kitchen ventilation. From fully custom hoods to standardized liners, Vent-A-Hood is a company focused on delivering best-in-class products through a standard 3-level producer-distributor retailer model. Ranging from under cabinet to wall mount, island to liner inserts, Vent-A-Hood’s products are superior to all competitors.


As an 85-year-old company, Vent-A-Hood presented RBA (acquired by The Uptown Agency in 2024) with a unique problem— an aging demographic in a technology-driven world. Through extensive market research, RBA (acquired by The Uptown Agency in 2024) found the decision makers of Vent-A-Hood purchases were actually much younger than expected. From targeting moms on Pinterest to designers through influencer marketing, RBA (acquired by The Uptown Agency in 2024) overhauled the Vent-A-Hood social media strategy from simple organic social media to a robust, holistic digital approach. This strategy was uniquely community-driven, based on a solid social community engagement strategy that utilized a mix of user-generated content, influencer programs, audience building, and more.

What we did.

Brand Design

Name & Tagline Development

Brand Strategy

Marketing Strategy


Web Design

“RBA has done some wonderful work which has really made us proud.”

- Bill Woodall, Regional Sales Director, Vent-A-Hood


After implementing a complete overhaul of their content strategy, we were able to grow average engagement by 500%, reaching over 3 million users worldwide. Vent-A-Hood customers from all over the country started posting and sharing their content, contributing to the overall growth of the brand. We transformed a crowded and bland Instagram feed into a beautiful, aesthetically pleasing piece of art that serves as an inspiration to homeowners everywhere. With over 2,500 user-generated posts and 2.5 million website hits, we can say with confidence that this case study is indeed a success story.




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