Case Study: Cookie Society

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May 24 2024

Cookie Society chocolate chip cookies

These colossal cookies came from humble beginnings as Marissa Allen, the founder of Cookie Society, initially embarked on her delicious journey from her home, where she put all of her time, soul, and butter into creating the best recipes possible.

Her husband Jeff, a 9-year NFL veteran, would ask his teammates to try them out and soon they were asking for them by the dozen. Marissa and Jeff knew they were onto something special and Cookie Society was born. Cookie Society came to RBA (recently acquired by The Uptown Agency) to help further the brand’s positioning as a player in the premium cookie category as they were establishing their first brick-and-mortar location and were in need of updated packaging, in-store signage, and a new website.

What we did

Package Design



Web Design

Web Development

Cookie Society cookies in boxes with employees working in the backgroundCookie Society cookies wrapped up in branded box

The proof is in the packaging.

While their cookies ignited their success, extending that same level of quality to the packaging and presentation was necessary to keep the foot on the gas. We revamped the designs for their menus and cookie boxes to provide a universal understanding that Cookie Society had made its mark in the industry. After trying the product for ourselves, we believed Cookie Society was set out to be a tasty titan in the market, and we accomplished establishing that as a belief to customers before they even took their first bite.

Now that we succeeded in combining an outstanding product with top-notch branding to match, we developed a level of trust to first-time customers that they were dealing with an elite competitor in the baking community and ensured that those customers’ first bites definitely wouldn’t be their last.

Cookie Society menu board in-storeCookie Society packaging boxes

Website redesign

RBA (recently acquired by The Uptown Agency) redesigned Cookie Society’s website with an emphasis on a better user experience to make ordering cookies faster and easier. With the company’s first retail location opening during a pandemic and the site launching soon thereafter, we needed to ensure that the online experience was adding value to the overall customer experience. But as important as the user experience is on the front-end of the site, we also wanted to make sure the client was able to easily make changes to their revolving menu of cookies, and most importantly, track user behavior and pull detailed analytics reports showing conversion rates, top products sold, and sales by traffic source.

Cookie Society chocolate chip cookies
Cookie Society sandwich cookiesSlice of apple pie from Cookie Society
Cookie Society store employee working at checkout counter



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